Learning & Development

Learning and development programmes help you:

Customer Service Training

How many times have you received poor customer service from a supplier? And how many times have you told someone about that poor experience? Through enhanced customer service training, you can differentiate your business from the competition and ensure those stories aren’t about you or the service you offer.

Presentation Skills Training

Do you or your employees need to build confidence when delivering presentations or talking to people in meetings? This workshop is designed to give delegates confidence through practice in small groups in a ‘safe environment’. They will also have the opportunity to review their performance through video clips.

HR Skills for Managers

Do you have managers or team leaders responsible for managing groups of people? Would they benefit from more knowledge on HR policies and procedures? Do you want to avoid the pitfalls of poor people management? This workshop is tailor-made to reflect your current policies and covers areas such as effective selection and recruitment; effective performance management; and managing those difficult conversations that we tend to avoid!

Management & Leadership Development

What is a manager? What is a leader? Is there a difference? Which are you? Which do you want or need to be? This workshop explores the answers to these questions and gives delegates the opportunity to consider how they currently behave – and if they need to adapt, how to do that.

Time Management

Does time run away from you? Is it suddenly lunchtime before you’ve even looked at your ‘to do list’, let alone crossed anything off it? This workshop gives delegates the opportunity to review their workflow and reflect on how they spend their time. Key techniques are introduced to help you understand what to prioritise, and we discuss how to manage the ever-increasing email inbox.

Personal Effectiveness Programmes

Do you have a group of employees with similar development needs? These modular programmes are designed specifically for each client. Each one lasts several months with workshops delivered every 4-6 weeks. Topics could include leadership and management skills, effective teamwork, effective time management, managing difficult conversations and presentation skills.

Bespoke Training Events

When none of the above quite fit the bill, we’ll design, deliver and evaluate bespoke training sessions to develop the specific skills that your business needs to grow.

Julie worked closely with us to design the content of the Personal Effectiveness Programme, so it was exactly what we needed for our team. It’s a five-module programme consisting of workshops to develop key skills that our emerging talent need to help them grow in their careers.
Louisa Dempster
Interim HR Manager, Hyundai Capital

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